Our wines
of Champagne

Our wines of Champagne

Identity : Not like any other but like us.

On our estate, we grow the two main grape varieties of Champagne: Pinot Noir, which brings structure and vinosity to the wine, combined with aromas of red fruits. Chardonnay, which is appreciated for its minerality, finesse and elegance.

The grapes of our plots are hand-picked   with the utmost care and pressed the same day. We master all the stages of winemaking and every year the constant quality of our Champagnes is  expressed and highlighted during the assembly.

Our ageing cellar guarantees the long maturation and blossoming of our Champagnes.

Miss Marg’O Champagnes draw inspiration from their unique personality and style. Through this name, we can hear the finesse and elegance that inspire us in the elaboration of our different vintages. Our wines are the expression of a singular Champagne that combines audacity, emotion, and femininity.

Because the spirit of a great Champagne comes from the earth, each of our cuvées has its own identity.

Our cuvées are the result of a reflection to create nuanced and expressive Champagnes, 4 inspirations are highlighted :

  1. The expression of delicacy and lightness from Chardonnay. And a plot ” La Violette “ which create the cuvée Pure blanc de blancs « La Violette ».
  2. The expression of energy, minerality and purity emanating from our soils, from the land of our ancestors : Cuvée La Dame Noire Extra Brut.
  3. The fruity expression of our grapes vinified in 2 ways : Cuvée Osmose Rosé.
  4. The timelessness that makes the passion of our profession and the vintage effect : Cuvée Vintage 2015.
Cuve de Champagne

We offer, not only  a range of unique Champagnes, steeped in tradition, but also looking to the future to share with you a moment of emotion. Our key word : To develop identity, modern and quality Champagnes with passion and respect for the CHAMPAGNE product.