Cuvée Champagne Dame Noire

La Dame Noire Extra Brut

Our cuvée La Dame Noire Extra Brut is a Champagne without concession. We have developed this wine as an extension and expression of our clay-limestone soils to reflect the natural, energy and complexity of our vineyards.

Principally, this wine comes from our parcel of land La Dame Noire,  revealing a quality wine without artifice. Pinot Noir gives structure, fruitiness, roundness, and vinosity. Chardonnay brings elegance, finesse, balance, and freshness.  The low dosage creates a shimmering tension and preserves the purity of this Champagne with a rich and strong personality.

  • Grape variety :  80% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay.
  • Vinification : juices from cuvées only. Fermentations in thermoregulated stainless steel vats.
  • Ageing : 48 months in the cellar.
  • Dosage : Extra Brut 4,5 g/L.

Wine & foods pairings

  • Perfect companion for aperitif.
  • Oysters « fines de clairs ».
  • Scallop and sea bream tartare.
  • Veal carpaccio.
  • Bresse chicken with saffron and ginger sauce.
  • Japanese or Asian cuisine with little spice.

Serving temperature


Cuvée Champagne Dame Noire