Cuvée Champagne Vintage

Vintage 2015

Like suspended moments, our Vintage Champagnes reflect a year and a unique terroir. They are made with respect, passion, and humility. The exceptional quality of the harvest and the long aging in the cellar allow the bottles to evolve gently towards a harmonious maturity.

Fed by waiting time, these vintage Champagnes are powerful and delicate wines whose bouquet reveals a complete and complex range of flavours.

At the tasting, this Champagne reveals a spicy dimension carried by the dried fruits. Notes of pastries come alive around citrus fruits and give it character and depth. The chiseled and complete palate of wine create a nice balance between power and tension.

  • Grape variety : 70% Chardonnay 30 % Pinot Noir.
  • Year : 2015.
  • Vinification : juices from cuvées only. Fermentations in thermoregulated stainless steel vats.
  • Ageing : 84 months in the cellar.
  • Dosage : brut 9 g/L.

Wine & foods pairings

  • Tournedos de sandre, vegetable confit with Champagne sauce.
  • Vervain roasted poultry supreme, forgotten vegetables risotto with yellow carrots.
  • Fried foie gras, peach, verbena rhubarb.
  • Duo of ripened cheeses, curly salad with walnut oil.

Serving temperature


Cuvée Champagne Vintage