The soul of our House
the Vineyard

The passion and the careful attention paid to the vine and its cultivation is essential to make great Champagnes. Our attachment to the earth and the constant control of quality, are the basis providing Mademoiselle Marg’O Champagnes, a unique style and spirit.

We are Winemakers at heart, and we cultivate our vineyards by observing and cultivating our terroir with respect, passion, and humility.

Our goal : to produce a perfect and singular raw material for our Champagnes.

Our vineyard: a land mainly made up of Pinot Noir where Chardonnay expresses itself in a singular way. Each grape variety, each vintage wine and some of our plots are vinified separately to preserve the expression and typicality of our terroir. We draw from this rich palette of aromas to compose our blends and preserve, year after year, the constancy and style of Mademoiselle Marg’O Champagnes.

Thanks to the age of our vines and our work, we build the aromatic complexity of our cuvées. Our terroir allows us to produce complex fruity and structured wines.

Aurélie et Sonia

This work of precision, our commitments made for a reasoned exploitation as well as the preservation of our terroir and its biodiversity have been enhanced by obtaining the High Environmental Value certification.

Le vignoble du Champagne Marg'o

Our environmental approach

Our estate is in Natura 2000 area.  It is a space, particularly identified to protect many habitats and species of European biodiversity.

We also attach great importance to the preservation of the biodiversity of the fauna, flora, terroir, and viticultural landscapes that have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2015.

Our commitments for a viticulture more than ever, in respectful of our environment, have enabled us  obtain the European label «High Environmental Value» of level 3 since 2021. This approach confirms all the work done over the past 10 years on the environmental aspect of our wine business: grassed areas, mechanical work on soils, ploughing, reduction of inputs to their bare minimum for low-degradation agriculture for soil, water and air.

In 2023, the renewal of our certification confirmed the excellence of our environmental performance.

By purchasing our High Environmental Value Certified Champagnes, our customers give priority to wines produced with respect for the environment.

Le terroir de Champagne

High Environmental Value certification


This environmental certification is a voluntary approach, accessible to all sectors, built around four themes :

  • biodiversity,
  • plant protection strategy,
  • fertilization management,
  • water management.

It is designed according to a progressive certification logic of the whole farm, controlled by independent bodies approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.