The estate
Mademoiselle Marg’O

Our history is first and foremost that of a passionate family inheritance. A family who worked  hard and with great affection on the wine estate. Thus, our first vines were planted. Thereafter, the foundation of our business had emerged. This was followed by a second generation, who developed the business with the same enthusiasm and dedication. Today, our vocation is to have created our own champagne brand with the desire to express a wine project that meets all our requirements. Thus, Champagnes Mademoiselle Marg’O were born.  Champagnes steeped in a traditional know-how, with a strong sense of identity and resolutely focused on the future.

Building on our experience, we work with passion in the heart of the estate to cultivate and transmit the soul and personality of the House. Each manipulation is carried out by us, and our guideline is the desire to develop modern, elegant and refined Champagnes in respect of the nature and the earth. This contributes to the style and personality of Mademoiselle Marg’O Champagnes.

Elevage du champagne

Vinification at the estate

We draw the essence of our different champagnes from the meticulous work carried out in the vineyard.

It all starts with the harvest. The grapes from our vineyards are hand-picked with the greatest care and at perfect ripeness, before being transported to our pressing house.

The grapes are then pressed, grape variety by grape variety, slowly and progressively, to extract a pure juice rich in sugar and acids.

We work with the 2 main grape varieties of Champagne. Chardonnay, appreciated for its minerality, finesse and elegance, and Pinot Noir, whose fruitiness, power and structure reflect our terroir.

In the winery, each must is isolated by grape variety and some by parcel, before being vinified in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats. After fermentation, the wines obtained are called “vins clairs”.  Then comes the delicate art of blending. An art that combines tradition, creativity and humility. All our wines are tasted, and some are blended, in order to achieve the maximum expression of each of our cuvées.

Time is a major factor in the development of our champagnes.

It’s in the silence, away from the light, in the intimacy of our cellar for ageing, that time allows our champagnes to blossom and gain in complexity. It’s this long ageing period  that gives the aromas their rare delicacy and the bubbles, a velvety texture.

The wines assert themselves, the aromas exalt, imbued with all the finesse, balance and elegance that characterize the personality of Mademoiselle Marg’O champagnes.

The making of a Mademoiselle Marg’O cuvée is the culmination of a succession of meticulous gestures. From harvesting to packaging, through vinification, riddling, disgorging and many other stages, the work follows one another with a single target, that of finding harmony.